Kiss Alive: The Tribute

Jul 12, 2024
Showings: 7 pm
Kiss Alive: The Tribute


The Savannah Center
1545 N. Buena Vista Blvd.
The Villages, 32162
United States

About Kiss Alive: The Tribute

Get ready to rock and roll all night with “Kiss Alive: The Tribute,” a powerhouse homage to the legendary rock band KISS that has been lighting up stages for over 13 years.
What began as a passionate endeavor by four die-hard KISS fans has transformed into one of the nation’s foremost KISS tribute acts. Comprising four seasoned musicians, KISS Alive: The Tribute has an impressive track record, reaching the top finals of a global KISS contest and being invited to audition for the iconic show NBC’s America’s Got Talent. With a string of accolades under their belt, KISS Alive: The Tribute’s star power shines even brighter as they took on the challenge of the TV show “CLASH of The TRIBUTES,” a nationally acclaimed competition reminiscent of “American Idol.”
“Kiss Alive: The Tribute” delivers an unapologetically authentic KISS experience that pulls out all the stops. From their meticulously crafted costumes and attention-grabbing theatrics to newly integrated production enhancements, the band’s performances are an explosion of excitement and dedication.

Whether you’re a lifelong KISS enthusiast or a rock ‘n’ roll newcomer, KISS Alive: The Tribute guarantees an unforgettable, over-the-top musical journey that oozes passion and commitment with every unforgettable show.