Paul Anka – Greatest Hits: His Way

Mar 31, 2023
Showings: 7 pm
Paul Anka – Greatest Hits: His Way


The Sharon
1051 Main St.
The Villages, 32159
United States

About Paul Anka – Greatest Hits: His Way

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It is all about the love that Paul Anka has for sharing his music with audiences and the love those audiences have for him. 

The youngest entertainer to ever perform at the Copacabana is where Paul honed his craft surrounded by the likes of Jerry Lee Lewis, Buddy Holly, Frankie Lymon and Chuck Berry. After a few hit songs, Anka, confident in his talent as a writer, wisely knew that being a songwriter meant the power was in the pen. With well over 500 songs to his credit, the most memorable being, “Put Your Head On My Shoulder,” “My Way,” “Puppy Love,” “Having My Baby,” “She’s A Lady,” and the famous theme from “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.” 

Since the inception of his career, his songs have been performed well over 100 million times collectively worldwide, and is the only artist to a DC on the Billboard Top 100 Chart for seven consecutive decades.