The American Stones

Jul 19, 2024
Showings: 7 pm
The American Stones


The Savannah Center
1545 N. Buena Vista Blvd.
The Villages, 32162
United States

About The American Stones

THE AMERICAN STONES: A Rolling Thunder of Nostalgia!** Embark on a time-traveling rock odyssey with THE AMERICAN STONES, the ultimate Rolling Stones tribute sensation! Imagine a Mick Jagger doppelgänger in his electrifying prime – he’s got the swagger, the unmistakable voice, and every iconic move down pat. This isn’t just a tribute band; it’s a reincarnation of the Stones’ glory days, a flashback to the pulsating heart of the ’70s and ’80s rock scene.
THE AMERICAN STONES are more than just a band; they’re a full-scale rock ‘n’ roll revival. With a lineup mirroring the Stones’ own touring ensemble, they bring the house down with keys, horns, backup vocals, and a rich tapestry of sounds. No backing tracks here – just raw, unadulterated, authentic Stones magic. Prepare to be swept away by a tidal wave of classic hits, each performed with a passion and precision that’s nothing short of breathtaking.
From electrifying festivals with crowds of 20,000 in Ft. Myers to rocking the Miami Dolphins’ Landshark Stage, THE AMERICAN STONES have left a trail of awe-struck fans across the nation. Their tour history reads like a rock enthusiast’s dream – the House of Blues at Disney, Jannus Live in St. Pete, the iconic Daytona Beach Band Shell, and beyond. They’re a coast-to-coast phenomenon, ready to jet off to any corner of the U.S. for their next show-stopping performance.
Get ready to groove to timeless anthems like “Satisfaction,” “Jumpin’ Jack Flash,” “Paint It Black,” “Miss You,” and “Start Me Up,” among countless others. Each song is a masterclass in rock history, delivered by a band that doesn’t just play music – they resurrect an era. THE AMERICAN STONES aren’t just performing; they’re keeping the indomitable spirit of the Rolling Stones alive and kicking. This is more than a concert – it’s a full-blown Rolling Stones experience!